March 21, 2017

8.55 am: The Promenade. Wind on water:

‘And the words of the prophets are written on the [studio] walls’:

9.00 am: MA day. It would begin and end at the Old College:

I’ll only contemplate doing what’s ‘too difficult’. I’m aware of holding imaginary tutorials in my head. Len Tabner. The students don’t realise how much I enjoy their work. For me, it’s not only an object of constructive criticism. Feel: the gentle pressure of the wind against the building. Listen: to the constant rush of brown noise made by the incoming tide. See: the students’ minds and sensibilities made manifest. Sometimes, I thinks that all my past times are focussed on the present moment; nothing has been either lost or forgotten. You have to go down many blind alleys in order to find the right way (your way) to work. You have to prepare the ground before you can land on it. The fault is always in ourselves. Take an extreme position … then draw back. Change is often incremental, rather than dramatic. You cannot be both an artist and dead to the world. Flat spheres. An exhibition: a group of works that interpret one another (MA Fine Art tutorials, ‘The Black Notebook’ (March 21, 2017) 236–37).

11.45 am: In the Life Studio. What an exquisite dog. And clearly basking in the attention:

12.00 pm: A rescheduled Personal Tutorial was followed by the morning’s final MA Fine Art tutorial:

Success is on the path of many failures. Trust in the work’s sufficiency. Don’t dress it up. A low-lit gallery reveals the works more slowly. Modes of the storm on the surface of Jupiter. The importance of reviewing your work; it’ll change your perception. Works that fiercely deny the audience an access. ‘Something ancient speaks through your work’. A line: ‘a trace of you acting upon the paper’; ‘the proof of presence’. ‘I live a very structured life’ (MA Fine Art tutorials, ‘The Black Notebook’ (March 21, 2017) 237).

2.00 pm: A further MA Fine Art tutorial followed by a Research and Process in Practice consultation. followed by a general consultation with one of the postgraduates. 3.45 pm: Back to the Old College for two final MA Fine Art tutorials.

Alysia’s wall:

6.30 pm: Practise session 1. 7.30 pm: Further requests for material to inform the AberDoc meeting, tomorrow, were in my inbox. What made matters worse … I was unable to access the DropBox material that I’d been sent, related to the award. (Sigh!)

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