March 29, 2017

8.00 am: I pushed on with my Lent talk until 9.00 am. Having jiggled my teaching arrangements for the day, I found the additional half-morning for research that I was looking for on Monday (after the digital recording debacle). On the practical front, I began a discussion with Mr Owen, my trusted electronics expert, about the fusion and economising of two, mono buffer effector units into one, smaller stereo version:

Having reduced the rate on the digital recording to 48000 bit (which is of a sufficient quality for my purposes), the digital recoding of the record proceeded smoothly. The Gospels of Mark and Luke were completed by lunchtime:

12.30 pm: An early lunch. 1.10 pm: The annual exhibition preparation meeting. From today, his genius will rule the proceedings:

2.00 pm: The remainder of the afternoon was set aside for two PhD fine art tutorials. As we come to the end of term, I sense my energies are flagging:

7.30 pm: I committed myself to completing my Lent talk. 12.45 am: Done!

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