May 10, 2018

6.15 am: Woke. My lower back problem had improved considerably. I may return to running tomorrow morning. 7.45 am: A communion. 8.30 am: Admin. Some students get the jitters at this time of the year. Pacification, confirmation, explanation, and sympathy are always to hand, and applied with immediacy.

9.15 am: I had some time, before a engaged a tutorial, to review the ‘Saul>Paul’ composition, and to organise the ‘Write Up the Vision’ rig in readiness for an initial recording of the inscription. Over the next few weeks, I’ll need to eke out studio time as and when I can. Continuity, of some sort, is a necessity:

11.00 am: I readied for my journey to the Old College. From the Promenade, I looked outward. The light was crisp, drawing out the full saturation of the colours:

Anastasia’s studio:

1.30 pm: Following lunch, I focused on arranging the two beat tracks for section 4 of ‘Saul>Paul’. The whole composition has a greater sense of urgency, now. A drawing of sounds:

7.30 pm: I hope to attend my first swimming lesson on Saturday morning. I’d messaged my boys to ask for ‘hand-me-ups’ – trunks and goggles – in advance of buying my own. (I mean, what design of trunks would ever suit me?) I LOVED the goggles: seriously dangerous and intimidating – a bit Keanu Reeves in the Matrix crossed with Dr Strange, but with salt-and-pepper hair rather than striking silver temples. I shall wear them always from now on:

The donor son remarked: ‘Looking sharp! … Yeah, really embrace the quirky artist look!’ What can the boy mean?

Afterwards, I began preparing marks derived from my assessment of the presentations delivered during the past few days. Charts were drawn in readiness for the entry of marks. During the next week, I need to keep on top of things on a day-by-day basis.

The end of ‘page 1, Chapter 9’.

Anastasia Wildig, Marmite, oil on canvas, 2016
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