May 21, 2016

At around 1.30 am, one of the domestic fire alarms was set off for no apparent reason. Better to have a false alarm than no alarm when something really is amiss. I needed to make an early start in order to compose the intercessory prayers for tomorrow morning’s service of Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Church, which will be celebrating its annual name day during its 130th anniversary:

Design by J H Middleton for the pulpit, Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth (built c.1887), The Building News (January 21, 1890)

At noon, I headed to the School to pick up a late British Landscape exam paper. Dr Webster, donned in a white lab coat (as many of the former chemists of this building would have been), was conducting experiments in the darkroom. He had not yet animated ‘the creature’, it would appear.


After lunch, I marked the final British Landscape paper, and compiled the aggregated marks for our secretaries to process on Monday. On, then, to compiling scripts and marks in readiness for the External Examiner’s viva voce with the BA and MA exhibiters. At the close of the working day, I second-marked the incoming assessments, prepared by Mr Iliff, of the Vocational Practice web-design projects, and completed the mark sheet for the module.


5.20 pm. Time out!

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