May 24, 2016

8.00 am. An earlier start than usual. Exam admin was prepared in readiness for the External Examiner’s series of viva voce with the BA exhibiters. A cross section of students had been chosen, variously representing either classes of mark, the whole range of mediums, and different student experience of the study program. The viva is not onerous for either student or examiner. And, what results from the interaction can instruct both parties, as well as for the School’s staff as a whole.

9.00 am. A PhD fine art tutorial was followed by my final, final exhibition assessment of the semester. Then, onto my notebook list of small but necessary tasks to complete:


I was going to have to postpone lunch and until later, so a little consciousness-enhancing substance, for sustenance, was required in the interim:


At noon, I began the next stage of the MA Fine Art program with two of my students, one of whom is moving towards their first exhibition and the other, to their second exhibition, which will be held in September. My thoughts are, now, directed to ways in which those who had taken MA Vocational Practice can continue to refine and apply their teaching skills beyond the module. What is the point of training postgraduates if they cannot continue to exercise and develop their gifts? And, their input so far has been invaluable.

After lunch, back at homebase, I was back on the PhD monitoring report trail. One by one, the trees of a forest are felled. In tandem, I parried emails and set in motion appointments and consultations for the weeks ahead. In the evening session, I continued to wield my axe. Sundown. One cannot explain these occasions in terms of physical phenomena alone:


I completed as many reports as possible. Before completing the outstanding ones, I need to discuss the progress of several student’s work in my capacity as second supervisor.

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