May 28, 2018

Bank Holiday

(Fat chance!) 6.00 am: Up with the wood pigeon and down to work. To begin: administrations and letters, and arrangements for my voyage home and for a new off-shoot website (which will contain this Diary, in a new incarnation, plus my other Blog). 9.00 am: Off to the School to pick up scripts for double marking. It’s a bit sunny:

Today would be bitty. Few things would be entirely resolved until staff made all their submissions to me. That’s the way it has to be. Everyone is very busy, and no one is shirking. As lunch approached, I made a move in the direction of the History of Photography examine scripts, which I’ll be second marking:

After lunch, I continued second marking. The neighbourhood lawnmowers have struck up. Not even the wood pigeon can compete. 3.00 pm: I took a cool drink, and a few chocolate windmills from Amsterdam, courtesy of one of my PhD Fine Art tutees. It was very thoughtful of them:

I’d made time to grapple with those emails and tasks that I’d be putting off for too long. You have the bite the bullet in the end. I bit another bullet of greater significance too. By the close of the afternoon, all the elements had arrived and the mark sheets were compiled.

7.30 pm: An evening of tidying the day’s business.

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