November 19, 2016

9.20 am: Goodbye Premier Inn, Leicester City Centre!:


10.00 am: I took a delayed train to Birmingham. 10.15 am: It was a Saturday on the approach to Christmas. Grand Central was bustling with shoppers. Proof of presence. (‘Lighten-up, John!’):


I’d not an opportunity to tour the new station before now; that’s why I was there, principally. Shopping isn’t for me, unless under duress. The complex feels more like an airport terminal than a train station. It’s ‘interesting’ (the conference buzz-word), but not entirely enjoyable:


Fewer people and more space were preferred. The platform interface is confusing. It’s quite possible to see the number of the one that you’re heading towards, without being able to discern the route. My progress was aggravated by glass barriers. Grand Central, New York, is so much better, in every respect. 12.30 pm: I sat down, indulged a smoothie, and caught up with my email and diary.

2.25 pm: On the train for Aberystwyth. But was I in the right half? The advice on the notice boards was contrary to logic and past experience over many years (which I submitted to, and proved to be correct). IPad on charge, I got down to writing and reading.

5.20 pm: Arrival. 6.30 pm: Practise session 1. 7.30 pm: An evening with my wife.

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