September 16, 2016

8.30 am: A bitty beginning to the day: domestics, clearing up, putting out, putting away, shelving, counting, answering, puzzling, waiting. 9.20 am: The Apogee Duet had become too unstable to be relied upon. Out!, it must go. The Focusrite unit will be my stop-gap. 10.00 am: The mini-rack was completed:


10.30 am: Off to School. The exhibition preparations are moving to a close. The Open Day preparations have begun:


11.00 am: Telephone calls (which I rarely make these days) to clarify situations and possibilities and communicate enthusiasms and ideas. There are some things one cannot do without others first doing their thing. Patience and resolution are required. 12.15 pm: A final check of the finalising exhibition before returning to the studio, where I finalised the installation of one of the Focusrite A/D interfaces.

After lunch, I attended a NSS review meeting in campus:


There is, in my view, a very present danger in UK universities that we’re becoming more concerned with the scaffolding than the building of education. We need to consider the content, as much as the delivery, marking, and feedback, of our curricula.

3.20 pm. On return to homebase, I continued my endeavour to set up (and understand) the digital mixer console of the Focusrite Saffire Pro40 unit and the distinctions between it and the Focusrite Octopre MkII unit, while generating a further test of Stylophonics (TestStylophonics (16 09 16) (2016))

Evebing. Having, today, dismembered the Focusrite Octopre MkII (its cables reminiscent of an octopus’ arm) from the mixer, I ‘remembered’ it again. In repeating an installation, I learn something new … something fundamental about the logic of the set up. But there are always problems to solve … failures to fix … misunderstandings to clear up … stuff to learn:


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