September 21, 2016

8.30 am: Admin catch-up. 9.00 am: A morning in the studio to ‘play’. I was investigating ways in which an electric guitar could be processed, in a controllable and repeatable manner, through my banks of modulation filters. But, first, I needed to consider the practicalities of lecturing from the new audio-visual podiums at the School. For all their sophistication of design and facility, they don’t include a lectern desk or light (and why not a timer, too). I consider these things to be fundamental. So …


In conjunction with the task at hand, I resourced sound performance gear and other practicalities towards a full modularisation of sound components: modifiers, power controllers, and amplifiers. This would imply a stack of modular mini-racks (each light enough to be carried by one person), rather than a single, large and hideously heavy mammoth rack:


In and out of this activity, I wove email correspondence, responses to inquiries, sourcing forays, and planning projects:


Evening. 6.30 pm: Practise session 1. 7.30 pm: The publisher of the prospective book had returned my email. We are still talent hunting for an appropriate co-editor. This has been the hardest part of the first stage of this venture. Time had come, at the close of the summer recess, to set out my ambitions, strategies, and timetable for the new projects ahead. This will be period of considerable change in many aspects of my work and life.


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