September 22, 2015

Change and decay in all around I see (Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847)).


8.30 am. A rifle through the inbox, a rearrangement of my calendar, and a rapid response to a problem (not of my making) that has come to light in connection with the event on Thursday. One must proceed with clarity of mind, good will, patience, and a viable back-up plan. These aren’t good days to be liaising with public art institutions. They’re under a financial squeeze, demoralised, and facing grave uncertainties about their futures. One must do what one can, as well as one can, together.

9.30 am. A back-up plan was initiated. My teaching calendar began to fill … alarmingly! 10.30 am. A phone call from the event manager indicated that the problem was being dealt with and Plan A may be realisable (with some tweaking and compromise). All partners in a project should endeavour to deliver on their commitments. That’s the honourable way. 11.30 pm. Feeling for funding. In an ideal world, The Aural Bible II: The Bible in Translation CD would be a double album. But that will require me to find twice as much money as presently set aside for the project. 12.30 pm. Good to see our PhD students pushing their subject into public debate:


I’ve a mind to make a sonic interpretation Sandra Sagan’s (an MA Fine Art finalist) work. The project would not require an audience, just the occasion to play, compose, and record. Indeed, the most acceptable response may require, of necessity, that I closet myself in the gallery and treat it as a recording studio rather than as a performance arena. I have until October 2 to decide:


1.40 pm. A delicious gluten-free Scotch egg for lunch. A little email banter about the temptations of modular synthesiser purchases with with my playmate in sound, Dr Roberts, before continuing with the Abstraction module admin. (New modules take up an inordinate amount of time at their inception.)

3.30 pm. Off to School to retrieve some of my visual work and clear my office thereby. The studios await their guests, expectantly:


By the end of the afternoon, most of the Abstraction admin was in place.

7.30 pm. Into the studio to test one of the two MacBooks that I’ll be using on Thursday and its connection to an analogue/digital converter. An irksome but necessary procedure. The only problem presently outstanding concerns the transportation of equipment. I began packing gear into store boxes in readiness. 9.15 pm. An unexpected software installation problem. (It’s been that sort of week.) I’ve two back-up plans (possibly three).

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