September 23, 2015

9.00 am. A PhD Fine Art consultation, followed a final MA Art History tutorial and a visit to a local supermarket to replenish the School’s milk supplies. My Sophos software has disabled itself and I cannot print from my office laptop to the School’s printer. (Is it me, or what?) I worked to the accompaniment of the painter and decorator’s radio. Do any of these workmen ever tune to Radio 3 or 4, I wonder? I’m all for bringing art and sound together … but on my own terms, please:


10.30 am. The finalisation of admin for the afternoon’s Postgraduate Induction meetings. 11.00 am. Ms Kennedy and I made preparations for the postgraduate welcome fayre at 12.00 pm:


Many of the current MA contingent were present to lend support and alleviate the burden of so much food. (Their thoughtfulness knows no bounds.) 2.00 pm. The start of postgraduate induction. We have as sparky and committed a bunch as ever. One must leave them with a sense that they are at the foothill of an exceedingly tall and delectable mountain whose peak is shrouded by a golden mist.

3.30 pm. Back at homebase, I continued packing equipment and considering the logistics of what will be one of the longest ‘night watch’ seasons that I’ll have ever kept. How cold could the Drwm get at 3.00 am? What will be the lighting conditions in that space after dark? What provisions will I need to ease me through the night to early morning: water, hot drinks, fruit, energisers, etc.? Not knowing is thrilling.

4.10 pm. Yesterday’s software problem was resolved. I packed more cables and connectors than I’m likely to use. One never knows what time and chance may throw your way. (The multiple, electronicky failures already this week have been cautionary in this respect.) I was most likely to forget something that was just under my nose. So, I took time to look … just under my nose.

7.00 pm. BBC Radio are considering interviewing me and recording my efforts at the Drwm, either tomorrow or Friday. (No pressure, then!) Well, we’ll see; sometime these opportunities never materialise. On with the packing, schlepping (down three flights of stairs), and list making. I now feel comfortable that I’ve done all to ensure that all the equipment is accounted for and safely transportable. In order to be audacious one must first be careful.

An inky September evening:


My last ‘gig’ at the Drwm was in 2011, when I gave a lecture on the R R B V E Ǝ T N Ƨ O A suite, and afterwards a premiere live performance of the opening track, Abort Nerves:


9.30 pm. Done. A sound night’s sleep would be welcome.

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