September 23, 2016

8.45 am: Orientation. What must be done? What needs to be done? What should be done? What can be done? And, what would I like to do?

A few more mixer and ‘exciter’ tutorials were in order. If I don’t undertake these today, I’ll not have time in the next few weeks. (This is in the ‘must’,’ need, ‘should’ and ‘can’ category.) 11.00 am: I began the PowerPoint design for the forthcoming conference paper ‘Image and Inscription: Sonification as an Interpretive Methodology in Biblical Textual and Visual Study’. (If it pans-out well enough, this may be included in this year’s Art/Sound module.) Oddly, once I’ve established the visual design, the content and structure of the paper fall into place reasonably quickly.

To begin: a logo.  The Mount Sinai sound graphic:


In the process, I rifled through old folders containing notes on sound and the supernatural/religion. It’s helpful to touch base with the breadth of one’s inquiry before honing in on a specific domain within the general territory of possibilities:


On, then, with the main page and graphics for the paper’s PowerPoint presentation.

Afternoon. The larger part of this session was absorbed by a marketing meeting. Once again, it’s too easy to have too many very good ideas, and for all come come to nought. Rather than adopt a buckshot approach to problem solving, its more effective to have a sniper’s perspective and aim precisely at a only few targets. Nevertheless, the exchanges were positive and thought provoking.

Evening. The PowerPoint graphics were completed:


At the moment of falling asleep, a thought (as though from somewhere else): ‘A person may fall so far into the deep hole within them that they cannot be reached’.

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