September 26, 2015

How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? (Prov. 6.9).

8.30 am. Wakey! Wakey! 9.15 am. I engaged module admin catch up and calendar filling to begin the day. 10.30 am. Research admin. This involved transferring sound capture files and event photographs to their appropriate folders in my archive, testing the sound files for integrity (and they have), and updating relevant websites. Recording one’s efforts, while not as important as the primary activity, is still a priority. Two principles are involved. The first is personal management: one should run a creative practice as though it were a business. The second concerns public engagement: one must be seen to have acquitted the task set, and to evidence such in a manner that’s accessible to outsiders. Archiving and promotion are of the essence.

Don’t aim to be famous; endeavour, rather, to be exemplary in the conception and execution of an intent, responsible in its delivery, professional in one’s attitude, and gracious and comprehensible to one’s audience.

I’m aware of ignoring the potential audience linked to eye(aɪ)–ear(ɪə(r)). I need to upgrade the Facebook account and create a bespoke website outside the domain of the School’s pages. Once I’m in conference convening mode again, this new site will be the focal forum:

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 14.26.34

11.00 am. I listened to my sound capture. Not surprisingly, it all sounded very new to me. Clearly, at the time of production, tiredness compromised my ability to make audio memories. 12.00 pm. Now that some of the equipment is out of the studio, I was able to clean … big time (in the foreground to Scott Walker and Sunn O’s remarkable Soused (2014).

12.50 pm. News of the forthcoming Live Art event was propagated:


2.00 pm. After lunch: on with cleaning the studio. I’m a man with a dark heart. (I accept no dissent on this matter):


5.15 pm. Cleaning — all done! The main table and studio control console are once more operational; ready for action:


I commenced unpacking and shelving the equipment used during the past two day. Now to begin putting the 42 samples created during the event under scrutiny, and some of them into some kind of compositional order. 5.15 pm. Power down; red light off. 6.30 pm. An evening with my wife.

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