May 7, 2018

If I could see without my heart (Mahalakshmi, ‘Smile of the Beyond’ (1974))

Bank Holiday: 6.10 am: As I powered-walked in an anti-clockwise direction, My trainers made a path through the frosted grass of the Vicarage Fields, just before the sun rose behind the National Library of Wales and raked across surface of the running tracks and cricket pitch, melting all before it:

8.00 am: A communion. 8.30 am: Studiology. I made several more beat-tracks to mesh with those that already formed the spine of ‘Saul>Paul’. After lunch, I completed the set up for ‘Write Up the Vision’:

Instead of using a stereo condenser microphone suspended above the drawing area, I attached both the contact microphone and a Lavalier condenser microphone to a thick wooden pencil (which aided sound resonance). On the basis of an off-the-cuff remark made by a friend, I searched my basement for a large ceramic tile – one of a number that had been either chipped or cracked during the installation of a domestic bathroom some years ago. In being made of thick, dense fired clay, the sonic properties of support were tightly focussed. Far better than either the mdf or hardboard, with which I’d made trial previously.

7.30 pm: I reviewed again the spine additions for ‘Saul>Paul’ (which still require tweaking), and made preparations for tomorrow’s Vocational Practice presentations.



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