April 28, 2015

8.10 am. Another Spring/Autumn fusion day. To the School:


9.00 am. Chapels in Wales was on the topic of the revivalist Evan Roberts‘s religious visions. I keep coming back to him. It’s the attraction of opposites, I suspect. 10.00 am. A PhD Fine Art inquirer’s meeting. I’m encouraged to see so many master’s students aiming for the so-called ‘terminal degree’.

10.40 pm. A GP appointment. Even when the clinic is full of patients, it still manages to feel desolate. I endured an unexpected wait. Unexpected, because the ‘check-in’ device stated unambiguously that my doctor was ‘on time’. The must be the railway definition of ‘on time’; that is to say, the appointment is either not cancelled or else rescheduled for later rather than sooner:


11.30 pm. I was now fifteen minutes late for my next tutorial (an introduction to sound multi-tracking), and remained overdue until lunchtime.

2.00 pm. An applicant arrived for an informal interview related to the BA Art History degree. Good to see older people making a very courageous decision to change the course of, and enrich, their lives through education.

Phil (‘the Porter’) on his periodic buffing round:


From 3.00 pm onwards I was engaged with MA Fine Art students who are completing the first of two exhibitions towards their degree. In between tutorial periods, I proofread the catalogue for the undergraduate and postgraduate show, and culled my inbox (a bit).

7.30 pm. References to write and dispatch, research admin and initiatives to attend to, and a son to advise. One’s capacity to undertake the mundane, routine, dutiful, and irksome task is the true measure of self-discipline. Doing what’s either fun, easy, immediately fulfilling, or of obvious benefit to us personally requires little by way of resolution.

9.50 pm. Practise session 2.

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