August 26, 2016

6.15 am: Run! Today, I cut a route via the promenade and town. There was a chill in the air; a harbinger of Autumn. After a breakfast conversation with our guests, I set about investigating and solving what sounded like either RF (radio frequency) or EMF (electromagnetic frequency) interference that was being picked up between the guitar amplifiers and the speaker cabinets. As I suspected, the culprit was the mixing desk’s subwoofer, which sat in too close proximity to the speaker cables which, in turn, acted like ariels:45345345

I love that sort of problem. Today was my deadline for a final rationalisation of the studio, study, storerooms, and cellar antechambers. All are now responsive to changes in one another.

11.30 am: A jaunt to the School to retrieve several recent equipment purchases, among which was the flight case for the new mini-rack, which is destined to become (+ mixer) the hub for my project work at the School this year:


Afternoon. Following an extended lunch, at which we bid farewell to our guests, I evacuated the last of the image-based equipment from the sound material and set about a general spring clean of both it and my study.

On a shelf, in a box, out of sight, I rediscovered one of my prototypes for the ‘pencrophrone’ — a graphic instrument with a transducer tip that was able to record the sound of drawing made by it. The device was intended for the Live Art: Dialogues2 sound drawing project. It reminded me of some sort of alien invasive probe:


Evening: The ‘trivial round and common task’: vacuuming, dusting, and putting in order the study:


9.30 pm: Done!


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