June 20, 2018

5.30 am: Up! I could wrestle with my night’s bouts of sleeplessness no more. 5.45 am: I reckoned on the business of the next few days. By the close of this day, I hope to have extracted the relevant words and phrases from the Scourby recording and begun uploading the material for Nomine Numine. The latter composition is the second response to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales’ memory archive event, and the second part of my The Aural Bible III project:

The final part of the project will be the CD that’s presently under preparation. Tomorrow, I’ll begin recording the ‘Write Up the Vision …’ text. I’ll have the house to myself until Monday, and the requisite quiet for acoustic recording (seagulls, lawnmowers, ‘supernatural’ trumpets, and raindrops permitting). 7.30 am: Breakfast and communion.

8.30 am: On with the extraction, and a review of the two suites from the third part of the series – generating new graphics and adjusting the descriptive texts along the way.

11.00 am: I walked up Penglais Hill to the Institute of Arts and Humanities meeting room to confirm the PhD monitoring reports. This was my last examination board of the academic year. (Big ‘sigh!’) I learn a great deal on these occasions. Our bunch come out of the wash very well:

After lunch, I extended and modified the text for Nomine Numine in preparation for upload and release over the next few days. The two parts of The Aural Bible III project need to be in the public domain in advance of the submission of a grant application to fund the production of the new CD. My intent was to upload both the sound files and text and then live with it for a few days before publication. One ought not rush to release. The problem with uploading large files to a streaming site is one the size limitation. The four parts that comprise Nomine Numine needed to be rendered at 48000Hz and 16 bit. The reduction in definition robbed the sound profile of some of the bass and mid-range frequencies. (The ‘image’ felt flatter.) These were restored by a little intelligent mastering:

7.30 pm: I returned to the text for I. Nothing. Lack. As it stood, the description felt bloated. I’d made a more concise stab at it for the forthcoming issue of the Aberystwyth Ego. The copy would serve as my guide. In the background, I reconfigured my social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, principally); some of the privacy settings and filters had come unstuck and required attention. Recent updates have undone some of my previous decisions. (Apologies to all who have been effected as a consequence.) I also needed a quote for the production of the new CD. Letters were dispatched.

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