November 15, 2016

Yesterday: The day was dedicated to completing the text for the conference paper, which I’ll deliver at the end of the week. By evening, I’d begun to insert slide markers into the text, determine further slides, and write short continuity statements to ease the discussion in and out of the image presentations. All these activities would have to be finalised by the close of the day. On Wednesday, the whole (text, image (static and kinetic), and sound) will be rehearsed in order to ensure, integrity, functionality, coherence, and timing. A public lecture on the same topic is now in the offing; this will take place at the National Library of Wales, sometime after the CD is published.

7.50 am: Email and diary catch-up. 8.15 am: Off, in the rain, to the Old College to begin a teaching-intensive day. (I’m having to cram the second half of the week into the first half.):


Two PhD Fine Art tutorials for starters. The Old College has some magnificent crumbly bits, My objective correlative:


Afterwards, I made my way back to basecamp to conduct triple-tutorials with my third year painters. At least two are on the cusp of ideas and manifestations that could (only could, mind you) evolve into the exhibition work, next semester. This is great progress, in my books. Never underestimate what hard work alone can achieve. But the risk is always that the students will peak too early. Pace, as well as consistency, must be observed.

Lunch was taken in and around MA Fine Art tutorials that were due to be received last week. Necessary today, but not good for the digestion.

2.00 pm: A further second year painting maxi-tutorial, followed by a cancellation, which allowed me space to deal with admin and all-comers. 3.00 pm. For the remainder of the afternoon I held residual Personal Tutorials — that’s to say, opportunities for those who should have turned up last week and earlier. A student’s commitment to Personal Tutorials is a fair indicator of the quality of their studentship in general.


6.30 pm: Practise session 1. 7.30 pm. On with the conference paper: slide marker inserted, and the beginning of the final phase of slide generation. I’m on the last lap. 11.00 pm: ‘The night watch’. Ever onwards. Further exemplifying sounds were added to the PowerPoint presentation.

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