September 22, 2016

8.30 am: Email dispatches, postgraduate admin, a review of intent, and a preparation for School, at 9.30 am:


9.45 am: Contrary to yesterday’s anticipation — a further, late MA Fine Art inquiry and application. 11.00 am: Professor Zwiggelaar (Computer Science) visited for a research collaboration discussion. We’re endeavouring to apply a medical imaging technique to the the analysis of digital scans made from the glass-plate photographs of Port Talbot Steelworks. This will allow specific types of visual information to be extracted from the scans and converted into a sonic output. It will also allow the modified sonic output to be reconverted into visual information based upon, but substantially different to, the source. Allied to this, is an intent to create a software that will permit real-time sound-image/image-sound conversion within a performance context:


12.40 pm: Somewhere along the line, I’ve missed some people today. I turned up, but nobody was there. After lunch, I tested the new hybrid mixer in conjunction with the recently built mini-rack:


Now, to learn it. While these devices are generically the same, each has idiosyncrasies which one must work with.  In conjunction, I initiated and responded to research correspondence and began to list ‘things to do’ across teaching, research, and admin. The realisation that so much as to be completed so soon creates its own pressure.

Following dinner, I had an hour to respond further to emails that were, themselves, a response to correspondence that I’d sent out earlier in the day. I prefer this ping-pong match rather than a radio silence that some correspondents observe for weeks and months at a time, on occasion. Desires become ideas. Ideas turn into plans. Plans are set in motion. Motion takes me forward.

7.30 pm: A committee meeting at Holy Trinity Church. (My other life.):


9.30 pm: Practise Session 2. 10.45 pm. A night watch: catch-up!. 12.30 am: Cessation.

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